hm_cherie (hm_cherie) wrote in pinoyhogwarts,

And here's a chance to gain even more points


If you're into LJ layouting, then this contest is for you. biggrin.gif

We want to give our LJ community a new and distinctly PHP look! smilie_magic.gif Right now, it's design is one of those default layouts from LiveJournal, and we're hoping to give it the Pinoy magical touch. So do submit your suggested LJ layouts for PHP's account and I'll be awarding 20 house points and 100 galleons per design. Other prizes are:

Winning Layout: 150 house points + 1000 galleons + A PHP Email Addy (if you still don't have one)

1st Runner Up: 75 house points + 500 galleons

If your entries are a collaboration, the house points shall be divided equally among the participants.   Non-student PHPers may also join.  Instead of house points, 5,000 galleons will be given to the winning layout.  3,000 galleons shall be awarded to the 1st runner up.

You may submit the images / screen caps of your designs to HEADMISTRESS@HOGWARTSPHILIPPINES.ORG with subject LJ CONTEST. biggrin.gif

Deadline for submission of Entries: May 9, 2006.
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