hm_cherie (hm_cherie) wrote in pinoyhogwarts,

Forum Update

Hello, witches and wizards!

I know most of you want to know whether or not we'll be getting our old forum back. Sadly, we still haven't had much luck trying to revive it. :(

The temporary forum - phpBB - isn't very user-friendly and it doesn't have the same wonderful features Invision offers. And this brings me to a slightly good news: We now have another Invision Power Board. :)

Prof. Skywalker and I have tried our best to make it as similar to the old one as possible--- if not better. The forums and categories have already been set up. There are no posts yet, however. We're still praying that we can actually get those back and transfer it to the new forums.

But for now, we'll have to make do with what we have.

After all, that's one of the things PHP is great at: to be the best out of everything and to make the most out of (almost) nothing. ;)

When muggle life eases up on me a bit, I'll try to create the old threads based on the ones I've saved in my PC. But for now, spread the magic at our new forums, dear witches and wizards! Spread the PHP Love! :)

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