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New Worlds 4 Cosplay Contest and Masquerade Ball

Cosplay Contest

Every year, many convention visitors look forward to the Cosplay Contest, where fans dress up as their favorite science fiction and fantasy characters. The crowds flock to see blue or green skin, androids, Jedi, Sith, Federation officers, and in some cases, even vehicles!

This year, the Cosplay Contest will be held during the Masquerade Ball, at 6PM on July 16, 2006.

Masquerade Ball

The Masquerade Ball is a grand event intended to cap off another great convention. The Masquerade Ball will include the cosplay contest, the finale of the NWA Race, and musical numbers of a science fiction and fantasy flavor.

Masquerade Ball Program:
I. Parade of Royalty
II. Parade of Ball Cosplayers
III. Parade of Science Fiction and Fantasy Cosplayers
IV. Photo Shoot on Stage
V. Musical Number
VI. NWA Race Finals
VII. Awarding of Caption Contest Winners
VIII. Awarding of Cosplay Winners
IX. Awarding of NWA Race Winners

The New Worlds Alliance, Fully Booked, PLDT and Level Up! present:

New Worlds 4: A Broken Time Machine
The Fourth Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

July 16, 2006, Rockwell Tent, Power Plant Mall
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